FANUC Repair Services

We understand that some spare parts become obsolete or unavailable. But that does not change the need for a solution. That is why we offer FANUC repair services when downtime is critical, when cost is paramount, or an alternate part is not offered. Please call or email your inquiry now. You will receive immediate attention and we will make every attempt to offer the best repair solution!

Repair Services

  • FANUC Servo motors and drives, spindle motors and drives, power supplies, and PCBs.
  • Standard Repair is 3-5 days for most servo motors, servo drives, and servo amp modules.
  • Standard Repair is 3-5 days for most power supplies, spindle drives, and spindle amp modules.
  • Standard repair is 5-7 days for most spindle motors and PCBs.
  • Standard repair is 2 weeks for complete control systems.
fanuc repair services
fanuc digital servo drive spare parts

CNC Field services

FANUC Parts Provider has partnered with many service technicians throughout the Southeastern US. Each technician not only works on FANUC problems but is qualified to repair machine-related problems. If you are located outside the Southeastern US, we will gladly try and find a qualified technician to service your machine.

Surplus CNC Removal

Have a machine coming offline, upgrading controls, closing a plant, or need to sell excess or obsolete spares? Don’t scrap it, call us! We’ll be happy to discuss our consignment program or make an outright surplus offer. We do offer removal of the CNC hardware, including the motors and drives. Please note we will not remove machines. However, we can work as a facilitator and contact different companies that may be interested in the machines. If it’s FANUC, we’ll find a home!

Please click here or call us with your surplus list.

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