Loading Option Parameters

**warning: holding down 7 and 9 keys while powering on the control will clear/delete all existing memory in the contorl** 1) Hold down keys 7 and 9 while powering on the control to dump memory/clear file. Control will then come up in IPL mode. Hold down the . and – keys, while powering on the [...]

FANUC Servo Alarm 5136 Number of Amps Too Small on FSiA_B Workaround

FANUC Technical Support Put control in MDI mode Press offset/setting hard key Press setting soft key Parameter write enable should be displayed at top of the screen and should be highlighted Press “1” and input Should now see alarm screen with “p/s 100 parameter write enabled” Press system hard key Press parameter soft key Type [...]

Installing Servo Software

FANUC Servo Software Support Hold down the right two soft keys under the screen to get into the Boot System and turn on control. Install the card in slot on the front of the control. Select SYSTEM DATA LOADING from the main menu. Select DGSERVO (This will be the only file on the card). Select YES when prompted. Wait for the screen to [...]

FANUC Series 16/18 Backup and Restore Procedure

FANUC Troubleshooting and Support Data Input/Output Operation Output the following data when it is possible in normal conditions. a. CNC parameter b. Pitch error compensation data c. PMC parameters d. Custom Macro Variables e. CAP data f. Part programs g. Tool offset data 1. Check the parameters for data output operation. *The data is not [...]

FANUC Spindle Alarm Codes

FANUC Technical Support & Troubleshooting Spindle Alarm Codes Alarm A (AL-A) ROM Abnormality Cause: Incorrect ROM, ROM not installed correctly, error with control circuit. Remedy: Install correct ROM, replace control circuit. Alarm 01 (AL-01) Motor Overheat Causes: Damaged motor fan, overload, motor cooler is dirty, loose connection. Remedy: Replace parts, clean cooler, check connections, review cutting conditions. [...]

FANUC 6A_B Will Not Zero Return

FANUC Technical Support - Zero Return Troubleshooting * WARNING * Use extreme caution while working with or near any moving parts or electrical components. Fatal voltages may exist on the control components. Make sure to DISCONNECT POWER before attempting any FANUC service. Machine Model: Problem: Diagnostic procedures and possible solutions 6TA/B Machine will not zero [...]

How to Diagnose a FANUC High Current Alarm

How to Diagnose a FANUC High Current Alarm - FANUC Technical Support [Note: A 414 alarm indicates you need to look at your servo drives or servo modules. If after looking at the drives or modules you find an HC LED lit or an 8, 9, A (or 12 for spindle) on the seven-segment display, [...]