Loading Option Parameters

**warning: holding down 7 and 9 keys while powering on the control will clear/delete all existing memory in the contorl** 1) Hold down keys 7 and 9 while powering on the control to dump memory/clear file. Control will then come up in IPL mode. Hold down the . and – keys, while powering on the [...]

FANUC Servo Alarm 5136 Number of Amps Too Small on FSiA_B Workaround

Technical Support for the FANUC Servo Alarm 5136. Having no idea how to reset an alarm can be frustrating. We know this feeling all too well, and want to save you the headache. If you're having issues with Servo Alarms, please read the information below. Here, you'll find all of the information needed to diagnose [...]

Installing Servo Software

Installing Servo Software (or installing any software for your company) can often feel more daunting than it should. FANUC offers a full range of support and installation tips for Servo Software. Please read the information below, and reach out to us with any questions you may have. FANUC Servo Software Support To being Installing Servo [...]

FANUC Series 16/18 Backup and Restore Procedure

FANUC Troubleshooting and Support is back with a "How-To" on the FANUC Series 16/18 Backup and Restore Procedure. Please read the information below for full details. FANUC Series 16/18 Backup and Restore Procedure - Data Input/Output Operation Output the following data when it is possible in normal conditions. a. CNC parameter b. Pitch error compensation [...]

FANUC Spindle Alarm Codes

FANUC Technical Support & Troubleshooting Spindle Alarm Codes FANUC Spindle Alarm Codes (AL-A through AL-20) Alarm A (AL-A) ROM Abnormality Cause: Incorrect ROM, ROM not installed correctly, error with control circuit. Remedy: Install correct ROM, replace control circuit. Alarm 01 (AL-01) Motor Overheat Causes: Damaged motor fan, overload, motor cooler is dirty, loose connection. Remedy: Replace parts, [...]

FANUC 6A_B Will Not Zero Return


How to Diagnose a FANUC High Current Alarm

How to Diagnose a FANUC High Current Alarm – FANUC Technical Support In order to properly evaluate and diagnose your FANUC High Current Alarm, please read below. [Note: A 414 alarm indicates you need to look at your servo drives or servo modules. If after looking at the drives or modules you find an HC […]

Alarm 926 (FSSB ALARM)

Causes and actions A fault occurred on the FSSB (serial servo bus) that connects servo amplifiers to the CNC. This alarm is issued if a fault occurs in any of the axis control cards making up the FSSB, optical cables, and servo amplifiers. •  Identifying the defective location Use the LEDs on the servo amplifiers. [...]

Alpha-I SPM Alarm Codes

TROUBLESHOOTING AND ACTION FANUC ALPHA-iSERIES SPINDLE AMPLIFIER MODULE Model Order Specification SPM-2.2 i A06B-6111-H002 SPM-5.5 i A06B-6111-H006 SPM-11 i A06B-6111-H011 SPM-15 i A06B-6111-H015 SPM-22 i A06B-6111-H022 SPM-26 i A06B-6111-H026 SPM-30 i A06B-6111-H030 SPM-2.2 i A06B-6112-H002 SPM-5.5 i A06B-6112-H006 SPM-11 i A06B-6112-H011 SPM-15 i A06B-6112-H015 SPM-22 i A06B-6112-H022 SPM-26 i A06B-6112-H026 SPM-30 i A06B-6112-H030 If an [...]

16B Alarm 970

ALARM 970 (NMI ALARM IN PMC CONTROL MODULE) RAM parity error or NMI has occurred in the PMC control module. Causes and Remedies Fault of PMC module is considered. .  PMC control module (3) is faulty. .  DRAM module (9) is faulty. Module mounting position Content Credit: FANUC Product Manual

62755EN 414 Servo Alarm

ALARM 414 (DIGITAL SERVO SYSTEM IS ABNORMAL) Points Check details by CNC’s diagnostic function and LED display on the servo amplifier. 1) 2) LED display on the servo amplifier 3) •  When DGN200 shows “1” #6(LV):    Low voltage alarm      ® LED [2] or [3]lights #5(OVC): Over current alarm #4(HCA):  Abnormal current alarm    ‹ LED [8] [...]

AC Spindle Alarm 27

Alarm code27 The sensor signal (position coder signal) for position control is abnormal. <1> The signal of the a position coder is disconnected (for all types). <2> When an MZ or BZ sensor is used with SPM TYPE1 (using the JY2 connector), the amplitude of the sensor signal is excessively small. <3> When a separate [...]

Alpha-I Series Motor IDs

aiS series servo motor Motor model Motor specification Motor ID No. 90D0 90E0 90B0 90B5 90B6 90B1 9096 HRV1 HRV2 aiS2/5000 0212 162 262 A H A A A aiS2/6000 0218 - 284 G - B B - aiS4/5000 0215 165 265 A H A A A aiS8/4000 0235 185 285 A H A A [...]